In Cupertino – The City You Can Grow Up In With Many Features

On My Way To Cupertino

On My Way To Cupertino

In Cupertino -  The City With Many Features

Cupertino is a distinct city in Santa Clara County, California. It is known for its affluent society.  People who want to look for a place with an ambience of class and sophistication, Cupertino is the best place to be. People from all over the world visit this city not just for vacation purposes, but to look for residential properties too. This city has many features to offer, and one can truly appreciate the value of the properties when all facts are given.

Knowing the Demographics

To know the profile of the city, it is good start from the demographics. As of the 2010 census, Cupertino has a total population of 58,302. This indicates that this place is not saturated by people. In fact, the population density is only about 5,100 people per square mile. This is a good way to experience a tranquil kind of lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustles of crowded cities. The genetic make-up is a great way to learn different cultures from different kinds of people. The city is composed of Asians, black Americans, Hispanics and White Americans. All live together in an environment where there is no clash of beliefs and cultures.

Knowing the household income is also great information especially when one is searching for a place of business. It is credible information to estimate the buying power of the people, so that the products or services may have an increase chance of success. In Cupertino, the estimated per capita income is $51,965, and the median household income is more than $160,000. This indicates that the residents are capable of sustaining a lifestyle in terms of high cost of living.

Nearby Facilities

One of the reasons why Cupertino is an ideal place to live in, is due to the fact that it is situated conveniently in nearby facilities. In fact, it has a strong transportation system so one can go to different places easily. In Cupertino are two freeways, the Interstate 280 and the State Route 85. The city of Cupertino seems to also have some innerconnected road system that can transport a person from one place to another, in just a few minutes. This city also has bike lane to provide a more convenient way to travel from one place to the next.

Cupertino is known for having schools that offer quality education. A family who would like to enroll their kids to schools that guarantee holisitic learning may look into several schools in Cupertino. The list of elementary schools include the William Faria, Murdock-Portal, Nelson Dilworth and many more. These schools have high API ranging from 980-998. For Middle Schools, a student can choose to enroll in Joaquin Miller, Sam Lawson, Cupertino or John Kennedy. Monte Vista, Homestead and Lynbrook can be considered for High School.  Cupertino also has reputable college and universities like De Anza College or Foothill-De Anza Community College District.
For recreational purposes, this city has several features. It is near  the Vallco Shopping Mall that carries different brands like Sears, JC Penney and many more. It also offers different sports activities like bowling, skating and AMC. Every Friday, residents enjoy purchasing fresh foods from the farmer’s market. Golf course are also nearby, one of which is the Blackberry Farm. Most golf courses in Cupertino have a unique scenery that every golf player enjoys.

Commercial Opportunities

People do not only see Cupertino as an ideal place to live, business owners also see the potential of this city in terms of expanding the operations. From the high average of household income, businesses have high chances of gaining growth and success. In fact, this place has various food establishments, entertainment facilities and tourist spots. One of the famous tourist spots is the Rancho San Antonio Park. This park is packed with family adventures that every age can enjoy. Other tourist spots include the Ridge Vineyards, Flint Center of the Performing Arts, Piccheti Winery and many more.

When it comes to classiness and convenience, Cupertino has it all. This is the reason why the number of investors increases over time. To know more about Cupertino, seek the consultation of a real estate agent.